Anleon S1 Sistema de Monitoreo Personal

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ANLEON S1 - Monitoreo personal

Los monitores permiten juegos de escenario sin restricciones y un sonido fiable y consistente donde quiera que te mudes. Ideal para uso de cantantes y musicos.


S1 Personal In-Ear Monitor Amplifier ANLEON S1 is a personal in-ear monitor headphone amplifier that can be used on stage or in the studio, to provide performers and recording artists with a flexible, convenient personal monitoring solution. The dual XLR inputs allow 2-channel, mono or stereo operation with a convenient mix function which allows you to run two sources into the S1. Two simple controls,Level and Balance, help you achieve the perfect mix in an instant.

Anleon S1

Intended for drummers and other performers, the unit features a high-power headphone output that helps to ensure that as the band gets louder, you’ll still be able to hear your performance. The unit runs up to 12 hours on a 9V battery (not included) or can be powered by 9V DC power supply( -PIN +RING).

Especificaciones Técnicas

  • Color: Negro
  • Modelo: ANLEON S1
  • Dual XLR inputs allow for 2-channel mono or stereo operation
  • High-powered headphone output with limiter protects your ears; loud enough for drummers
  • Level and Balance/Mix controls
  • Auriculares jack
  • Controls for Level and Balance)
  • Operates with 9V Battery or AC/DC adapter (no incluido)
  • Fabricado en China